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Van Gul reveals the cause of the Poppa Champion. Long

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Louis Van Calal stated that it is the most popular game in the world. But still a very popular game League is a bigger list than every program. Ufabet

Louis van Gul, a former celebrity coach, shows that they are looking for someone who has never known before. Not giving priority to the game of competitor as much as it should

Guardiola has been bet on as one of the best footballers in the world, and he has won many championships in Leinster, but with two teams behind, he still can't take the team to win the championship. Can win the league

Forgal gave an interview with various media of the famous French film. "Having won the English league title for the second consecutive game is a great deal, but the big show is a best-selling league game and he won the title that didn't come in both City and Bayern. Munich "

"They are very serious about putting their own style of play and not ignoring the style of playing of competitors. You have to be your competitor. The team with the best quality compared to their domestic competitors But it is the story that will be applied to the Football League alliance "