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Redeem with blood! Little Swan was delighted to see the soup 'Star

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Than to meet a superstar It requires a lot of effort. Like the little boy, the red swan, this blood thickens That has to be exchanged with blood in order to experience the real 'star soup' ไพ่ สลาฟ slave คืออะไร

Louis Fowler, 11 years old, and Isaac, a 10-year-old brother, lives in Liverpool opposite Melwood. And regularly on holidays Both will spend these days. Meet the Reds players

On Saturday afternoon, these two brothers Came to wait in order to see their hero As usual

And while Mohamed Salah is driving his beloved Bentley Louis ran and waved his hands with excitement to hope that the stars kicked in Egypt. But unlucky While chasing after the Bangmo car Referred to the collision with a light post And knocked down to the ground And was brought home by a neighbor who sent Which the hope of meeting with the hero is exhausted

But after that Is a story that no one expected to happen

Salah broke the car back to the children's home. To see what the symptoms are And Salah took a photo with these two brothers as a memorial, which then was taken to the children's hospital. To check if there is anything wrong with the head area or not

Such story Was published by Joe Cooper, the stepfather of both children That has been posted on social media. "We live directly opposite Melwood and the two children often spend the holidays. Trying to take pictures with their heroes "

"Mosalah was the last person to come out from there And the children waved him for Salah to be interested, but unfortunately Louis pushed into the electric pole And the nose hit the ground strongly "

"We tried to do something when Mo arrived - he saw one of those two children, that is, Louis was hurt - no one thought it would be true. Everyone is very surprised. "

"Mo asked the children that it was okay or not. And let the children hug as needed - which makes Louis forget the pain "

"Mo said sorry for the incident. But I must thank you Because he is the hero of these two children "

Joe also told that Once he arrived at the hospital, Louise told people throughout the hospital. With what has just happened ...