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3 Premier League coaches compete for the best FIFA coach.

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FIFA opened the list of top 10 coaches, winning the best coach of the year 2019, with the name of the manager of the English Premier League to win 3 people. Ufabet

The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced the list of 10 coaches that have won the best male coach of the year 2019 already. On Wednesday, July 31, past by Josep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, Jürgen Klopp, the big boss Liverpool and Mauricio Pobletino of Tope Atotm Hotspur is also nominated.

Leading the "blue sail" to win the Premier League season 2018/19, while Klopp took the "Reds" to win the UEFA Champions League by announcing the winning coach to be held on the day On 23 September

10 list of coaches that entered the FIFA Men's Elite Team 2019

1. Jacmel Malmadi (Algerian national team)

2. Didier des Champs (France national team)

3. Marcelo Caguardo (River Plate)

4. Ricardo Garcia (Peruvian national team)

5. Pepper Guardio (Manchester City)

6. Gergen Klop (Liverpool)

7. Mauricio Pochetino (Tottenham Hotspur)

8. Fernando Santos (Portuguese national team)

9. Erik Tennag (Ajax)

10. Tiet (Brazilian national team)

For the score will come from the vote of 1 of 4 football fans, while the other 3 are from reporters, national team managers. And the national team captain The voting period is between 31 July - 19 August.