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Then, Big Arsenal flipped the news with an extra budget for Amary, just 40 lbs.

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Winai Went bowl, Arsenal executive board, debuted the news that "big guns" had extra money for this summer, just 40 million pounds. The modern era is only rumors. Ufabet

Winai Wengtang, managing director of the Arsenal club, the Premier League of the English Premier League, insists that the budget for reinforcing this summer of Uni Mary, the Spanish team manager Not limited to just 40 million pounds (about 1,560 million baht) as the news came out.

Previously, there was news that Amy had only added 40 million pounds after the previous season could not take "big guns", grabbed the quota for the UEFA Champions League, and until now the team had just signed. Promising with young players like Gabriel Martinez, William Saliba and loaning Danny Seebes from Real Madrid, but the latest board of directors of Indian-English descent Clearly declared that It is not true that Arsenal has a budget of just over 40 million pounds.

"I don't know about 40 million pounds. I read a lot of news. But that's not news from us or from the club. The numbers are not from us already. We never talk about the amount of money that we have to spend. Because it doesn't help anything "

"It is true that our budget must be limited. After having played in the Europa League for 3 years, but it's not just 40 million pounds. We have statements that can make a difference. But as Raul San Yehee (another board of the club manager) said that this summer's market is very difficult. And we are in the midst of this matter "

"I have read and seen a lot of articles about the players that we have missed. In fact, some people are players that we have never even mentioned. Which I understand that Why sometimes fans Not understanding what we are doing But I can say that 85% of what you are reading It's not true. "CEO Arsenal long cast.

Recently, the news that "big guns" has become a favorite to get Nicolas Pepe Wing to attack Lille's door to join the group for up to 80 million euros (about 2,800 million baht), plus Likely to get Kieranier's back, left with another Celtic