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Popov humiliated Bulgarian fans

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Bulgarian national team midfielder Ively Popov, FC Rostov, admitted to being ashamed of the incident that Bulgarian football fans Both shouting at the monkey Nazi mark And shouting for racism in the England 2020 Euro Qualifier Round 6-0. ดวงกับการแทงบอลสด

During the game, Popov, 31, who was on the national team with 88 matches, pleaded with the fans. Stop racism while the striker Marcus Rashford from Manchester United still praises Popov. Not trying to help the national cheering squad to stop doing wrong In which UEFA is conducting an investigation to condone Bulgaria's incident แทงบอลสด

"Of course, I feel ashamed," Popov continued, "We fight 11 to 11, no matter what skin color. We are the same Is a big family of football If we can work together to stop bad things, I have to say this because it's a big problem for everyone. We may be punished with enormous punishment. And it's not good for Bulgarian football. "