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Lullana Super Sub! Swan refused to chase after 1-1 draw, losing the winning record.

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Premier League Football 9th ​​match of the season. Big match. Red boiling battle. Manchester United's home team received good news when David de Gea returned to look at the post again. The back panel includes Aaron Guan - Business Sagar lost a sore back, the same panel after Harry Maguire, Victory Marlins de Lovecraft and ARG cell upstream sector skewed midfielder Africa. Scott McTominey plays with offensive line Fred Andreas Pereira, Daniel James and Marcus Rashford, while Antonio Marcy The drug name is on the reserve bench. แจกเครดิตฟรี ไม่ต้องฝาก

On the Reds side, this game has got back to the back of the game, with Alexis Becker backing, as well as defender Vergil van Dijk with Joel Matip. Nino and Jordan Henderson, offensive line Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Dewok Oreke without the name of Mohammed Salah in this game.

The visiting team had a chance to win the 12th minute from the moment that Georgio Wealdaldum got the ball before rocking, tricked Scott McTominey and Fred and pressed right, but the ball went straight. David de Gea

Manchester United have some hope in the 24th minute of the stroke of Andrea Pereira to pull the ball out of the circle before flowing to Scott McTominey to drag the ball before pressing with the right front of the penalty area. But went directly to the Amazon

The visiting team got a chance to win in the 33rd minute. Joel Matip opened the ball parallel to the line. Sadio Mané got the ball off the edge of the right side before opening into the middle for Roberto Firminino to press with the right but Still at David de Gea

The home team got up the door in the 36th minute from the ball cut in the middle of the field and Daniel James dropped the ball to the right before opening into the middle for Marcus Rashford to charge to the Liverpool player. Trying to protest that the beat before Victor Linde De Love challenges Dewok Orki first, but after checking VAR, Martin Atkinson is still the Manchester United goal lead. 1 -0

Liverpool missed the 43rd minute equalizer from Sadio Mané to pull the ball into the cross, Victor Torlinde de Love went through De Gea into the goal, but the referee checked VAR and Mané's handball. The score is also 1-0.

The second half of the home team had a chance to win again 66 minutes from the back stroke, Andrea Pereira placed the ball for Marcus Rashford to catch the ball before dribbling into the penalty area and pressing with the right first post. But the ball came out of the frame

The Reds came to an equalized goal in the 85th minute from the moment that Andrew Robertson opened the ball from the left side to the front of the goal. The ball came to the second post to Adam Lallana, who came down as a substitute, charging at the Liverpool goal equal 1-1.

At the end of the game 90 + 1, Liverpool almost scored the lead from a far shot from the left of Alex-Oxlaid Chamber, but the ball broke out.

End of the game. Manchester United home draw. Liverpool 1-1 increased to 10 points, ranks 13th, while the Reds have increased to 25 points.