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"Nistel Roy" Su-Hok, 1 coolest player in the world, 6 stars, not comparable.

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Former famous star Ruud van Nistel Roy praised the football team as he thinks it is the best player in the world. เทคนิคแก้ปัญหาสูตรแทงทบ

Foreign news agencies reported on 22 October that the van van Nistel former Netherlands national team striker and Manchester United club praised Lionel Messi, the national team striker of Argentina. "I threw in" Barcelona is the best footballer in the world at this time.

Messi is famous for winning the Ballon d'Or. With a major challenger like Cristiano Ronaldo, the wing of Juventus and Liverpool defender Jilf van Diik. However, Nistelle Rob is the person who deserves this important prize.

"No one is at the same level as him. Looks like he's playing like a player in the PlayStation. No one is close to Messi, so tell me who's at his level. Cristiano Ronaldo is the attacker, Andres Iniesta is the brain player, Mohamed Sala. Ah, Sadio Mane, Aden Azard and Kylian Mbappe are great players, but Messi is everyone together, "said Nistel Roy.