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Say goodbye! Bastian Beach Wine Style The official stud has been announced.

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Bastian Beach Wine Style The former Bayern Munich and Manchester United players have officially abandoned playing professional football at the age of 35. สูตรเด็ดการเล่นบอลสด

The former German national team captain said that he decided to bid farewell to football career just 2 days before the US Major League. Will close the season, his Chicago Fire department finishes in 17th

"I think it's probably time. Thank you for everything, especially the fans that made me have a good time. I will keep all the memories. Because all the memories in the past are the most wonderful things for me, "said the former world champion farewell. แทงบอลสด

Schweinsteiger Started his football career with Bayern Munich before deciding to move to play in Premier League with Manchester United for 2 years, which he did not get much chance to enter the field. Until moving to a new challenge in the United States and Chicago Fire 3 years before announcing the stud a few days ago.

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