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Let's stop racing! Pep Pee, England doesn't give the price to the community champions.

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Josep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, threatened not to bring the team down to play the Shield community in the next season because nobody cares about it, unlike Spain and Germany at This game has the most meaning.

Josep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, the English Premier League club, threatened not to bring the team to play in the Community Shield next season if their team is eligible. aforementioned After the elite football city doesn't focus on this program as much as it should be.

According to the tradition of English football The league championship and the FA Cup championship must be dueled in the Community Shield game before the start of the season. But over the past several seasons, football fans have not seen much value for this program. By the time the champion is counted, there will not be a count for the Shield Community Championship.

The former Barcelona boss and Bayern Munich revealed that "when I was in Spain and Germany, the Super Cup game (equivalent to the community shield) was considered a list. Very important In this season, we feel that we have won two championships and the remaining 3 champions are our beliefs. But everyone just said that we just got one championship. "

"If we beat Liverpool and win the league this season In the next season, we will not play the community shield. We will definitely play. Why? You don't count as a champion! If we don't play that program, we will have more rest in the summer. Including having a fresh physical condition for playing Premier League and Champions League "