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Klopp reveals that Liverpool are not happy with Keita.

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Those "The Kop" have to listen to Jürgen Klopp. Revealing the reason Liverpool players don't go into a frenzy with Nabi Keita despite scoring goals.

Liverpool manager Jerken Klopp describes the reason that most "Reds" players do not go well with the national team midfielder Nabe Geita. After scoring goals in the English Premier League game to win the match Southampton 3-1 on Friday 5 April ago because everyone is concentrating to move forward to win.

Keita scored an equalizer for the 36th minute "Saints" and was his first goal against the "Reds" after the home team took the lead from the 9th minute from Shane Long's shot. Who came to embrace the joy with Liverpool before coming to the door, leading 2-1 to 80 minutes from Mohamed Salah and the 86th minute.

Klopp said, "They are happy with Keita in the dressing room. Many people hugged him about the fact that when he scored 1-1 We want victory. Not just the door, so every child decided not to celebrate the joy of madness. Because we still have work to do "

At the same time, Klopp also praised Keita, "Nabi encountered a difficult situation at the beginning of the game after he lost two balls, but after that He was in the game. And can help us a lot In the second half he put pressure on the opponent, passing the ball in the right area. And it is great สมัครufabet