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Is it true? Salah's media is wrong. Klopp asks to move the team.

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Hispanic media presented the big news. By saying that Mohamed Salah, the famous wing of Liverpool, had a feud with Jerry Berglop and told the board that he wanted to say goodbye to the team this summer. Made the great man of the "Red Swan" to persuade him

Mohamed Salah, the wing of Liverpool's elite, the club of the English Premier League stage, has a problem with German manager Gergen Klop. Until informing the management board that he wanted to move the team after this season, according to the famous media report of Spain UFABET

Asas presented this news in a few hours before Liverpool went on to win FC Porto 4-1 in the UEFA Champions League semi-final match on Wednesday 17 April. By saying that Salah and Klopp talk to each other Which, although it is not clear what the couple is talking about But the conversation that made the star kicked the Egyptians very dissatisfied.

After Salah informed him that he would like to request an account to move the team after this season. The Liverpool team owners tried to calm the 26-year-old and calmly persuade him to stop thinking about moving the team. By Liverpool's great man, saying that if this happens, Salah still feels that moving the team is the best solution. They will definitely help the team move.

For Salah, he had been heavily pressured by Real Madrid after the "White King" wanted many top-level offensive players to join the army. But the news stream was quiet in the past