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Hudson-Doi has confirmed the rest of the season.

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Cullum Hudson-O Doi Khaeng Dao Rung Chelsea Will not return to the field for the rest of the season for sure After being injured in the hamstring area In the game that the home team always opened, Burnley 2-2 on Monday night ago.

Cullum Hudson-Doi was injured and had to be carried out of the field from the 41st minute by Mauricio Cesar to send Pedro Rodriguez to play instead. Should be worried because the person cannot use the foot to kick the ball at all FUN88

Recently, many young footballers have posted their personal tweets about this injury, saying that they will not be able to return to the field for the rest of the season. "Very disappointed to have to end the season with a hamstring injury. I have to work hard and come back stronger than before in the next season. "