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Let's see! Aldridge points out Klop to deliver the real Faro.

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With the desire to see the former team of their own as the league champion, John Aldridge proposed that Jermen Klop, Liverpool's big boss, should be able to use Fabinho as a true player in the remaining games with points Now Fabin is the best midfielder of the team.

John Aldridge, a former Liverpool striker, said that Gerber Klop, the manager of the "Reds", should send Fabiin to the Brazilian midfielder to play as a real player. So that the team will have a good chance of winning the English Premier League this season UFABET

In the latest match that Liverpool opened at Anfield, beat Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 on Sunday 31 March. Klopp chose Henderson, George. Ginho and Milner are real in the midfielder. Which makes the center panel of the local team encounter enough problems

Aldridge said through his own column in Liverpool, Echo, the local media of the noble city, "The fact that Fabinho was not actually in the game against Tottenham last Sunday is considered Very interesting thing, Brazil recently played in Europe during the national team game program. From meeting with Portugal and the Czech Republic In the second match, he played only the last 3 minutes. That means that he doesn't have to run or travel a lot. And causing him to have no fatigue Because of that, I have to say that the fact that he is not the real person in the game with Spurs is a strange thing

"He is now a key figure in Liverpool and has done well in the middle of the panel for many months. I think he is now Liverpool's best midfielder without any doubt. For me, Liverpool lost a lot of duel in the middle of the field. But when he came down, it immediately changed. In fact, I think he might have come down even earlier. So that the team will be stable When he came down, he was able to do it instantly. "

"Gergen Klop likes his own ideas. And trusting the middle panel of 3 people, consisting of James Milner, Georginho Vijnalnum and Jordan Henderson, but I think someone should make way for Fabinho more If really compared Then he just played for only half a season. So he is still fit And ready to help the team He showed that he should have played there ever since he took the position. "

"He was stunned to get on the field. And wanted to prove the quality of himself when he was substituted into the game with Spurs and I think he did that (Demonstrating his own greatness) To play many more matches during the season until the end of the season and I think Fafinho will be very involved with the team. I also thought Klop should send Fabinho into the real game with Southampton On this Friday "