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Not just the PSG! The Premier League team hunted Errera.

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The British media fanatically have a Premier League team hoping to face the PSG in pulling Ander Herrera to reinforce the army this summer. After the Spanish midfielder Still do not renew the football contract with Manchester United

Arsenal, the leading club in the English Premier League, are ready to join the chase of Ander Herrera's signature midfielder, Manchester United, competing with Paris Saint-Germain, the giant league. France, according to a report from the Daily Mail, the media of the aristocracy on Tuesday, 26 March. สูตรแทงหวยออนไลน์

Erreera, 29 years old, is already out of contract with the "Red Devils" this summer. But in the past, both sides were unable to find a conclusion. Both the Spanish stars have done a great job since Ole Gunnar Solcha came into the temporary manager of Manchester United. แทงบอลเว็บตรง

Previously, news that PSG was ready to offer a 4-year contract to Erreira and offered a fee of 170,000 pounds (about 6.97 million baht) per week. However, the latest Arsenal wanted to have a Spanish midfielder. The Come to join the team for free as well, to be the representative of Aaron Ramsey, who will move to Juventus this summer.

While Erreira revealed his own future that "It is common for this situation to happen when you are left with a contract for only 3 months and there are other teams. That is your choice I already know that it must have something to happen. Now I'm only interested in playing football in the remaining 1 and a half months. (Of this season) only. I let the agent handle other matters. Both the possibility of contracting with United, including issues that he may have to talk to other teams about moving the team "