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Hungarian coach holds fast as James Bolt, Ronaldo

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Marco Rossi, the Hungarian national football manager, came to see the Welshman Daniel James, a fast-paced team that made him think of Eusen Bolt and Ronaldo, but stated that the other side of James was still Ronaldo. วิธีเล่นสล็อตออนไลน์สำหรับมือใหม่

Marco Rossi, the Italian trainer of the Hungarian national team, praised Daniel James, the Wales national team wing. The rival that his team had to face in the Euro 2020 qualifying round of the Group E on Tuesday, June 11, had a great speed, like the legendary Eusebbol, Jamaican runners and former Ronaldo strikers of the Brazilian strikers.

James became more known for his fans after Manchester United was interested in him. Which a few days before the "Red Devils" announced that they had fulfilled the initial conditions of signing a 21-year-old football contract, leaving only a few things to complete.

Rossi, who had played for many teams such as Brescia and Sampdoria, said, "James's speed reminds me of Euzbol Bolt. The fact that people can run as fast as he can is incredible. very much As far as I can remember Over the years, there is no player that makes me feel like this. His speed is amazing. And that is why Manchester United bought him "

"Previously, I had dueled with players very quickly. One person who is for me is the best person in the world after the end of the era (Diego) Maradona, with the person who is Ronaldo. He's not just good at speed. But still good in all aspects Which his speed looks like James's, but of course, now (James's skills) are a little different from the other party. "