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Sterling is confident Manchester City will not be banned from UEFA flat.

Raheem Sterling, the talented midfielder, Manchester City is confident the agency will play in the Champions League next season for sure. Even though it is currently in a crisis, in the case of being arrested by UEFA for investigating violations of financial control rules

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Rahim Sterling's fluttering wing of Manchester City expressed confidence that "The Blue Sailor" will not be hit by the European Football Federation (UEFA), punishing the ban on the UEFA Champions League for 1 year in the case of being accused of violating financial controls or Yel Fair Play "(FFF) เว็บพนันบอลดีที่สุด

The team of consultant Pep Guardiola was under investigation by UEFA's Disciplinary Control Committee after being hit by Germany's leading media player Premiere unfolding about their spending habits The report last week indicated that Manchester City have the right to be banned from the European Cup competition if they make a mistake.

Nonetheless, the "blue sailboat" denied such allegations, while Sterling expressed his opinion about this case. "It is beyond my responsibility. I can't say anything about this case. It's something you hear from other people. "

"But I'm full of confidence for the club that they have done everything on their part. And anything that is beyond their capabilities, it cannot do anything So we will definitely play in the Champions League game, "said the former" Reds "Liverpool.