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Relying on veteran! Manu has submitted a proposal to support the buffalo.

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Manchester United, the club of the English Premier League, offers an offer to the plate, Luigi Buffon, a highly experienced goalkeeper to join the army this summer, according to Corriere Delella Sera's media report. Italy สูตรสล็อตทุนน้อย

Buffon needs to separate with Paris as soon as his contract expires on 30 June after just being in the team for one season. Which previously reported that Barcelona was interesting to sign with him Before the news was quiet, with Parma appearing in the news with the agent

Until recently, Corriere Delella Sera revealed that Manchester United have submitted a proposal to consider Buffon after the future of their first hand, David De'kaia, is full of uncertainty. From the news that Paris Saint-Germain Interested in De Kae's existence, before this, there was news that "Red Devils" would pay him 20 million pounds (about 820 million) to allow him to move out this summer. Because if released in the summer of next year, the Spanish Danman will be able to move the team without value

In addition to Manchester United, Lyon, Fenerbahce and Atalanta have also submitted proposals for buffaloes. By this time, the Buffon has not yet decided whether to continue playing. Or to hang gloves He should decide his own future within the next week.