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Dressed up for a long time? The British media updated the Seoul Tea future with a contract from Manchester United.

Daily Mail, British media Pressed about the future of Ole Gunnar Seoul, the manager of Manchester United's disobedience, saying that until now, Sol Cha had not yet received a contract about being able to upgrade to a permanent manager as well as Mike Fylan, Solcha's right hand that the future still doesn't know what to do next

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After being pulled into the control of Manchester United in a disastrous manner on 19 December, Seoul Tea made a contribution beyond the expectations of many. By taking the team to win 14 games from all 18 matches in every program It can also lead the team to reach the semi-final round of the UEFA Champions League. แจกเครดิตฟรี

The best work of Sol Cha makes many people think that he should be able to permanently control Manchester United. Which before this was like that Because there are rumors that "Red Devils" are preparing to announce his appointment as a permanent manager during the upcoming national team game program.

However, in the latest, Daily Mail unfolds, in fact, until now, the Manchester United board of directors has not yet given a permanent contract to Seoul. Because they still want to consider the options thoroughly. In addition, Mike Fylan, Solcha's right hand, is another person who has yet to be confirmed by Manchester United whether or not to continue working with the team.