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Czech revealed reasons for the England team to qualify for the European final.

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There is a reason! Peter Czech analyzed the reasons why 6 teams from England made great achievements in European football. Because he met the game at all times Unlike other leagues Like french Who booked the championship in one team

Peter Czech, the highly experienced goalkeeper of Arsenal, believes that the reason for the team from England Parade into the final eight teams, both in the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League this season, because of the advantage of competing in the Premier League that has to fight fiercely every week

In the Champions League, there are 4 teams that are best qualified before the semi-finals, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, while Arsenal and Chelsea go in. Play in the Europa League Cup semi-finals แจกเครดิตฟรี

Czech said, "If you see the quality of football in the Premier League every weekend and midweek, it will find that there are more and more serious matches in every game. You have to fight throughout the game for 90 minutes while That some leagues have only one team to win the championship Making them unable to cope with the pressure "

"As PSG lost to Manchester United, their problem is not having a big game. Enough during the year Their strength and quality are different from other teams. Left in the league Resulting in them not seeing the test every week "

"They didn't find enough big games and when playing in the Champions League, if you are faced with a period of pressure. You will not be used to dealing with this, "concluded Arsenal boss.