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What is the answer? Klop enumerates after the Bayern legend wants to control the army.

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Jerken Klopp, Liverpool manager, answers questions about the restaurant at Becken Beckenau. Want to get him to control Bayern by stating that he is not thinking of leaving the "Reds" because of being happy with the team and revealing the honor that the legendary Becken Baudher

Jerry Berglop, Liverpool's top club manager for the English Premier League stage, said he was happy with the team. And did not think that he would be able to take control of Bayern Munich, the German Bundesliga veteran. In the end, after Franz Beckenau, the legend of "Southern Tiger", said Would like Klopp to be a team trainer แจกเครดิตฟรี

Klopp made a very good name when he was in control of Borussia Dortmund, before making another great performance with Liverpool, which Bayern had actually paid attention to. In the German coach since he was with the "Yellow Tiger", while recently Becken Bauer Then expressed his belief that Klopp would make the famous team of Bavaria once again have a secret.

Celebrity consultant revealed that "Someone told me what Becken Bauer Speaking about me for me But it didn't make me feel pressured I am honored to have known him for 14 years. It is a special story. And I think I can say that we are friends Whenever he talks about good things about me, it gives the mood like when the King appoints the rank of Sir for you. "

"In Germany football, there is no legend that is even bigger than Franz Beckenau Erfurt. The way he said that is considered to be both me and Liverpool. But I am happy with everything. Club that has worked for And that includes the team that I currently work with "