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The media revealed the reason that Man U had abandoned Pine Colali.

The media of the nobility opened the reason that Manchester United did not want Cali Khulibali Centerback Napoli and pointed out the new goal number 1 who was this summer.

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Metro Media UK revealed that Olsen Gunnar Solcha, the temporary manager of Manchester United, dismissed Cali Khulibali's attention on Napoli's strong defender because he wanted to pull the player in the offensive position. Add more troops แทงบอลออนไลน์คืออะไร

Coolibali was the target of "Red Devils" since the time of Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese coach. Holding the reins in the Old Trafford area. However, Solcha, who should have been appointed as a permanent coach, recently saw that the existing support began to work satisfactorily. In particular, the back center of the Chris Crisley pair with Victor Linde Love, who has already been able to develop the potential

From the fact that Cubibali has a value of up to 80 million pounds (about 3,280 million baht), Manchester United is able to use the money to be used in that section to reinforce the player in the position of the offensive by the "Red Devil" aim Is the # 1 target: Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund's young rising star with a value of 100 million pounds (about 4,100 million baht). After doing a great job For "yellow tiger" in See this

While Independence Another media in the land of good people reported that, in addition to Sancho, "Red Devils" also pay attention to Philippe Coutinho, the Barcelona midfielder as well as the Brazilian star. Presumably in the future at Camp Nou