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"Nishino-Teerasilp" join the vote to choose the best football FIFA

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"Akira Nishino" and "Theerasil Dangda" are 2 representatives from Thailand who have voted for the best male footballer award "The Best FIFA Football Awards 2019" คำศัพท์ในการแทงบอลสด

On 24 Sep '19, after the award ceremony "The Best FIFA Football Awards 2019" in which striker Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team captain And the Barcelona team Won the best male footballer award As for the representative of Thailand "Akira Nishino", the head coach of the Japanese team of the Thai national team, choose No. 1 as Messi, No. 2 Cristiano Ronaldo and No. 3 Kylian Mbaban. The

While Teerasil Dangda joined the vote as the captain of the Thai national team By choosing No. 1 Fur Gilfan Dai, 2nd Lionel Messi and No. 3 Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi chose number 1 Sadio Mane, number 2 Ronaldo, number 3, Frankie de Jong, while Ronaldo chose number 1, Matthias de Leit, number 2, Frankie. Ayung ranked No. 3, Embappe and Fanike chose No. 1, Messi, and Mohamed Salah, No. 3, Mané.

Summary of the votes: 1, Messi received 46 points, 2 points from Van Diik from Liverpool 38 points and 3 Ronaldo from Juventus 36 points.