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"Juventus" tongue hanging overtaking freshman 2-1 up the sergeant.

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"Zebra" Juventus narrowly pushed to beat Brescia 2-1 to collect 3 points, leading the Italian Serie A Kaloch. แทงบอลสดปลอดถัย

Kaloch football match Serie A Italian Italy in the 2019-20 season on Tuesday, 24 September. Interesting pair "Brescia". The new team opens the Mario Rica Montego Stadium to receive the visit of "Zebra. "Juventus

The opening half of the first half came only 4 minutes. Brescia scored a 1-0 lead from the moment Romulo sent the ball to Alfredo Don Narum to beat from outside the box. The ball threw into the net.

Then, on the 40th minute, Juventus rivaled 1-1 from the right corner. Paolo Di Bala opened the penalty area and Jon Chancellor, who played by Brescia, scored himself. Before finishing the first half with this score

Returning to play after the second half to 63 minutes, Juventus led 2-1 up from the free kick stroke in front of the penalty area, Paul Di Baladash hit the ball into the wall through the Miram Levpanic beat. Joints into the lattice

The rest of the time, both teams couldn't do anything more. The game ended, Juventus invaded Brescia 2-1 to increase to 13 points.

Another result, Verona's tie, Udinese 0-0