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Follow in the footsteps of the father! Wright-Phillips's son Signed a career contract with Man City.

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Really not so far from the end. "Majo Wright - Phillips The cherished son of Sean Wright-Phillips Signed a professional football contract with Manchester City. Which is the old club of my own father แทงบอลสดแบบ1×2

Dee 'Majjo, 17 years old, plays in the same wing as his father. Has been in the blue sailboat fences for more than 6 years. And last season, City's under-18 team performance was excellent, with 11 assists in 22 appearances.

Most recently, the person has posted a photo on personal Instagram. That he has signed a professional football contract with Manchester City completed With captions "happy to sign a career contract And will work harder "with the family to join, one of which has Sean in the frame.

While Wright-Phillips, the father, shared this photo with pride in seeing his son succeed again: "Well done, son! Dad is very proud Work hard. The rest will follow. "

And if going back to February Former England national team wing Having confirmed to MainSports media that his son has been with the right club to develop himself "I'm very proud of him. He still has to learn and add physical things to be there (Manchester City). There is no better place than here. "

The former 37-year-old has followed in the footsteps of adoptive father Ian Wright as a professional player. Including real brothers like Bradley Wright-Phillips Is another person from this family that used to be a professional footballer as well