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"Consultant Indonesia" wishes to vent after losing Thai home Point of breaking point

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Indonesia national football consultant Open minded after opening the house to lose the Thai national team 0-3 in the 2022 World Cup qualifier in the Asian zone ... ราคาบอลสด

Foreign news agencies reported on 11 September that the movement after the "Elephant War" Thai team invaded the attack "Inao" Indonesia 3-0 in the World Cup 2022 World Cup Qualifying Round 2 match 2 Group G when Last tuesday

After the game, Simon McMenemy Head, Indonesia national coach, said: "We started the game with a very good mental state. We changed the style of play slightly. A little more defense In order not to let the Thai team move too much But in the second half Our own mistakes made us lose. We missed 3 to 4 times and it disappointed our team. "

Indonesia have played 2 matches in their home matches, losing both Malaysia 2-3 and losing Thailand 0-3. There are still no scores. Hold the plum of the Group G