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Drama? Ashley pointed Benitez's team because of money hunger.

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Mike Ashley, Big Boss, Newcastle, came out to Rafael Benitez as a money front. After parting with the team and getting to work in China, pointing to allow him to give up a big fee, but Benitez will say goodbye to the team. เว็บแทงบอล

Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United, the club in the English Premier League stage, blamed Rafael Benitez for the Dalian Yifeng manager, refusing to renew his contract with the team because he wanted to get money in the country. China

Even though Benitez will take the team to a satisfactory level And is a favorite of football fans But he decided to split with the team after the last season And then go to work at the Dragon Land Which makes the Newcastle followers come out to smash Ashley so much because Ashley refuses to try to hold Benitez's manager.

Prior to this, Benitez came out in an interview that one of the factors that prevented him from being in Newcastle was because he and his teammates had a different perspective on the future of the team. It is believed that it is related to the board of directors not supporting Benitez's plans for reinforcements, and it has made Newcastle fans more angry at Ashley.

Newcastle's big boss said, "If you come out to say the way he does You probably think the club is the most important thing in his heart, followed by himself. And money matters as a third But I would have to say that in fact, money matters is the number 1 most important factor (which makes Benitez separate with Newcastle), followed by Rafa's story. 3 over there "

"He chose a terrible choice by turning to raise money and go to China. It made me extremely disappointed. That is, if he returns to Real Madrid or to work with the Premier League team in the Top Six, I can understand But he did this because it was pure money. And if he really needs a lot of money He should speak straight from the beginning. "

"I would say that he asked for a 50 percent increase in wages and I think he did that because he thought we had no way to make such an offer. And to let us agree to pay that much, I think he would find another argument as an excuse Everyone thinks that we lose him because we don't pay a bit more. But he has the right to speak whatever you like We can't do that. "