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Total Legend! Lampard Pine pulls Cole to work at Chelsea.

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Chelsea fans may see Ashley Cole, the former left-back team, returning to Stamford Bridge again as a coach. After reporting that Frank Lampard, a red label consultant interested in joining เว็บพนันบอลที่ดีที่สุด

Frank Lampard, the new Chelsea manager of the English Premier League giants interested in pulling out Ashley Cole, the former England national left-back as a coach for the team next season. According to the Daily Mail report from the UK

Lampard, 41 years old, was recently appointed as the new manager of the army "Lion" instead of Mauricio Sarti, an Italian coach. Along with the old team members, such as Jodi Morris, Chris Jones, Eddie Newton and Joe Edwards, followed by a staff coach in Stamford Bridge

Recently reported that "Hia Lam" is interested in pulling the former partner like Cole to be one of the additional staff members. After the former left-back "Indigo Blue Lion" announced hanging stud with Derby County last season, looking at Cole to help push the youngsters to come up to play a role for the big team. After the club was banned, two new players were signed.

Previously, it was reported that Lampard was interested in pulling out Cologne Magelele and Didier Drogba, former Chelsea footballer, to be one of the local teams in Stamford Bridge. as well