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The only remaining condition "Red Devils" most aim to grab "Fernandez"

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"Red Devils" Manchester United is rumored to grab the midfielder Bruno Fernandez of Sporting Lisbon with only one condition. แทงบอลออนไลน์ 2020

Foreign news agencies reported on 17 January that "Red Devils" Manchester United is successful in winning the Portuguese national team midfielder Bruno Fernandez of Sporting Lisbon to Old Traffert Place

For 25-year-old Fernandes, this is an important goal to strengthen Ole Gunnar Solchar's need for a creative midfielder and a good score. The latest news from the British press, the British media said Manchester United has agreed to personal conditions with Fernandez by providing wages of 150,000 pounds per week. With a 4 and a half year contract

However, this deal remains the only thing that must be agreed to be that Manchester United will have to pay 68 million pounds, as Sporting Lisbon only claims.