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Southampton grabbed the first additional rocket wing.

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Southampton "Saint" Get the first extra player After grabbing the wing of the Mali national team with a 4-year contract worth 14 million pounds คาสิโนออนไลน์ฟรีโบนัส

Southampton of the English Premier League confirmed on Thursday, June 13, that the club won the Mousseau Napoleon wing of Stardar Lee Ash in the Belgian league. Came to reinforce the army as the first in the market this summer already

The star of the Mali national team, 20 years old, can play both the left wing and the right wing, as well as featured at that speed. Signed a football contract in the local St. Mary's for 4 years while the value is around 14 million pounds (about 560 million baht)

Je Nepo revealed that he had acquired the football in the Premier League, "I am very proud. It's a dream that has become a reality. Southampton Is a great club And I am very happy I look forward to And want to know my new family I can't wait to see a new teammate. And working hard alongside them "