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Dissecting 4 hot issues "Liverpool" overtaking "Spurs"

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"Reds" Liverpool open their home defeat to Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 and this is the 4 key points that can be seen in this game.

1. Tough, tough spurs

This game has to give a thumbs up to Spurs goalkeeper Paolo Gassanika. Because showing excellent form, saving countless Liverpool fires Causing Liverpool fans to complain Hard shot. Very cold shot. ufabetเดิมพันบาคาร่าง่ายๆ

2. Captain Hendo successfully made an excuse.

When Liverpool lost the goal early in the game It started with Henderson's mistake of losing the ball in the middle and being spurred by Spurs. However, Henderson demonstrated his strong mental state. Keeping Devotions And to score goals for the team in the second half ufabetบาคาร่า

3. Fabino + Trent Form

This game, Fabinho has a very good control of the midfield game for Liverpool, tackling through the ball is extremely smooth, especially at the risk of turning the ball into the penalty area before the ball enters Henderson. The match was successful for Liverpool, while Trent Alexander Arnold did a great job in the right-back. Up stroke, free kick kick, corner kick from him

4. Keeping distance

This game, if Liverpool miss, lose or draw, should encourage Manchester City to chase in the crowd. But Liverpool have shown their determination Not allowing to easily drop points Until resolving to win this game successfully Continue to lead the crowd. With 6 points above Manchester City