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Brahimi is worthless.

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Abola, the Portuguese media, reported on the scene of Xian Brahimi, the wing of the Porto, going to freeze Arsenal for free by disrupting the proposal from the Turkish team in order to play for "big guns". at all Ufabet

Yasin Brahimi, the Algerian national team's degree wing, FC Porto, in the premiere of the Portuguese Premier League, will sign a contract to move to Arsenal with a worthless deal this summer, according to the report. Of Abola, the media of the land

Brahimi had a formal contract with Porto on Sunday, June 30, which actually had a team from Turkey who submitted an offer. He joined the army for three times, but he refused. In order to be with Arsenal

However, Brahimi will not officially sign the contract. After he was in the middle of helping Algeria in the African Nations Cup 2019, in the last season, 29-year-old has made 10 goals with 4 assists from playing in 32 league matches.