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4 hot issues before the game "Thai national team" boiling duel "Malaysia" selected the World Cup

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Dissecting 4 hot issues before the game, the "Thai national team" has a program to visit. "Malaysia National Team" in the 2022 World Cup Qualifying Round 2 Asian Qualifier Round 4 this evening ความโดดเด่นของเว็บพนันออนไลน์UFABET

On 14 November 2019, the movement of the "War Elephants" Thai national team under the leadership of Akira Nishino, the head coach of the Japanese. Have a program to visit "Yellow Army" Malaysia national team In the 2022 World Cup Qualifier Asia Zone Round 2 Group G match 4 this evening UFABET

It is understood that the "War Elephants" Thai national team held the crowd of Group G with 7 points from 3 matches, even "Khun Paladao Thong" Vietnam national team. Will have the same point But is inferior in terms of goal difference, while the "Yellow Tiger Army", the Malaysian national team, has only 3 points in the 4th place or the second group of the plum only, and this is the 4 hot issues before this game

1.) Both teams want to win.

Both teams want to collect three points. On the "Chang Suek" side, the Thai national team needs 3 points to get to the podium, 10 points from the first 4 matches, which will make the chances of the next round more bright before the next match. Within a few days the troops would be invaded and visited. "Golden Star military commander", while the Vietnam national team "Yellow Army" with only 3 points. If still hoping deep To pave the way to the next round. In this game, they have to win only one place

2.) encountered with pressure

This game, Akira Nishino, the Japanese trainer Will have to face the pressure behind the Bukit Jalil, which has a lot of football fans should pressure us a lot. But in this game the players will be charged to play with tightness Follow the practice plan as well as control the emotions or simply say that playing like the game that beat the United Arab Emirates home team to grab three points back and clear the 30-year paranormal that has never been invaded. Win here successfully

3.) Beware of the penalties for puzzles

Another factor that can change the face of the game, that is the penalty. Visiting. Of course, we need to play more in order to squeeze or compete with the ball from the opponent. Therefore, we must be careful when entering each ball.

4.) Avoid contact

Of course, that "Yellow Army" Malaysia national team As the host of this game, they should definitely come to us, which Akira Nishino should order each team to be careful and to control their emotions so as not to hurt the team.